Our Story

A Passion Born on the Green For the Spirit of the 19th Hole

The Drive Behind the Brand

In the world of golf, every swing tells a story, and every round is a journey. It's a journey that extends beyond the fairways and greens, into the heart of every enthusiast who's ever picked up a club. This is where Broken Tee Vodka™ began — not just as a brand, but as a passion project born from the love of golf and the finer experiences in life.

Golf is more than a sport; it's a lifestyle. It's about expression, camaraderie, adventure, and yes, enjoying a good drink. Recognizing the unique culture surrounding golf — the trips, the friendships, the business done on the course, and the celebratory drinks at the 19th hole — we saw an opportunity. There was nothing at the bar that truly embodied the spirit of golf in all its color and vibrancy. That's why Broken Tee Vodka™ was created: to fill that gap, to celebrate the game and to elevate the experience for golfers everywhere.

Crafting Something Exceptional

Elevating the Experience

Broken Tee Vodka™ isn't just a beverage; it's the spirit of golf in a bottle. With every sip, we aim to capture the essence of the game — the joy, the vibrancy, and the strong sense of fellowship among players. Our vodka is meticulously crafted for those who appreciate the nuances of a premium spirit and the subtleties of a game that's much more than hitting a ball.

From our 7x distillation process to the unique carbon filtering and the inclusion of a ball marker with every bottle, we've tailored Broken Tee Vodka™ to stand out. It's not just about what's in the bottle but what the bottle represents — a shared love for a sport that's as much about living fully as it is about playing well.

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Always Under Par

The Spirit of the 19th Hole

While we might not have an official motto, our ethos is captured perfectly in two taglines: "The Spirit of the 19th Hole" and "Always Under Par." These phrases encapsulate our mission to provide a vodka that's not only superior in quality but also in how it enhances the golfing experience. It's about ensuring that just like your game, your drink is always under par, exceeding expectations and enriching the moment.

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Join Our Journey

A Toast to the Game

Broken Tee Vodka™ invites you to be part of this story. Our brand is for those who see golf not just as a game but as a part of who they are. It's for those who believe that a great round deserves a great drink and that the best stories often start on the golf course and continue long after the last hole.

As we continue to craft this exceptional vodka and celebrate the vibrant nature and camaraderie of golf, we welcome you to join us. Together, let's raise a glass to the spirit of the game and the moments that make life truly special.

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